Thank you all for your kindness and support throughout this campaign. I have been humbled to campaign for our district and to be afforded the chance to represent my friends and neighbors. This was an honor of a lifetime.

For me, the campaign for the Iowa House ends, and it is time — now more than ever — to put aside our party labels and bitter political fights, and come together to support policy which lifts everyone up and leaves no one behind.

I now call upon our new representative to do just that. Meet with area Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents to become a real voice for our district. We are better when we work together and leave party labels at the door.

From the bottom of my heart: thank you. It has been my honor to campaign for you.

This fight isn’t over. I am going to continue to advocate for strong and innovative schools, accessible and affordable health care, a clean environment, and a tax code that is fair for everyone.

Always remember my promise: I will always listen to you. We are in this together. And when we work together, our best days are ahead.