One of our primary focus-areas must be education -- at all levels. It starts in preschool and goes all the way to post-secondary education and our state must be focused on everything from student achievement, funding, stem subjects, and adapting to innovations in teaching & learning to support students in a 21st century world.


FROM WHERE I STAND: While these numbers are worth celebrating, our focus needs to be on paths to STEM careers, 21st Century technology, and tailored learning to ensure our students are best-prepared for their futures.

FROM WHERE I STAND: One of the many changes needed to our education system stems from how we allocate funds to our local school districts, and the control the state government affords the local districts.

FROM WHERE I STAND: One measure of education system is students furthering their education. It;'s important to prepare students for a 21st Century world, which includes apprenticeship programs in technology and trades.


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