Absentee Voting Information

If you need, or would like to vote via absentee in Iowa for the fall general election, here is the information you need to know. 

In the state of Iowa, you can absentee or satellite vote from Monday, October 8 and ends Saturday, November 3 at 5 p.m.

Download an absentee ballot request form 
*Signed  and completed absentee ballot request forms must be delivered to your county auditor.

Additional Absentee Advice

If you think you want to be part of a first day march to the polls on the first day of voting (October 8) do not fill out a vote by mail request. Voiding out a vote by mail request slows down the line.

Your mailed ballot will not be in your mailbox on October 8. That's the first day the ballots can be mailed. Give you ballot a week to arrive in your mailbox. 

And don't fill out an absentee request just to make a campaign staffer or volunteer happy if you have no intention of actually voting it and are thinking "I'll just go to the polls." That also slows down the line when you go to vote.

For more information, visit the Iowa Secretary of State's website.