Iowa House Will Not Lead on Medical Marijuana

For years, I have advocated for medical marijuana here in Iowa based on the simple fact that this resource would help families and do little to no harm to our communities. 

Slowly, the Iowa Legislature has come to the same understanding. Unfortunately, the leadership in the Iowa House is taking a "wait and see" approach to the current program despite repeated calls for more access and covered ailments, and mounting evidence that the program as set up will be nearly ineffective and difficult to sustain financially. 

Speaker Upmeyer recently said in The Des Moines Register that she wasn't surprised to hear predictions that Iowa's fledgling medical marijuana industry could struggle at first because that's what happened in Minnesota after it started a similar program in 2015. For the record: Minnesota has since expanded its program.

One element of being an elected official is to lead; especially when provided real live case study evidence of a neighborhood states' medical marijuana program. 

I stand with the many Iowa families who have found success with medical marijuana and call for the expansion of ailments covered in the state of Iowa.