Let's March For Our Lives, Together

Yesterday, students, teachers, and adults all across the country, including here in Des Moines, marched to demand action on updated gun laws at the state and federal level. 

On a personal note, I was a freshman in high school the day Columbine happened. I was living in New York City the day Sandy Hook happened. And for every school shooting in between, I've sat, wondering, "What will it take to finally have an honest conversation about guns and school violence?"

The students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have provided the answer. Yesterday in cities all across the country, the message has been sent to all our elected leaders: 

Act now, or be prepared to see the power of the voters for inaction. 

In Iowa, our elected leaders are currently fighting to secure added gun protections into our Constitution. Last year, they passed updated regulations to allow guns in our public buildings; including the State Capital. 

Instead of working to find real solutions to school gun violence, the solutions being proposed are focused on adding metal detectors to our schools and arming our teachers. 

That is a blatant disregard for understanding the true situation. I will not stand for it as a voter. I will not stand for it as a candidate. And I will not stand for it when I take the oath to serve Iowa House District 19. 

I am a supporter of gun regulation reforms as well as protecting the Second Amendment. I believe we can do both. 

We need to modernize our background check system and include using the no-fly list as a final backstop. We need to extend the waiting period to purchase any firearm. And we need to ban bump-stocks once-and-for-all. 

Our teachers need to be focused on educating our next generation of great thinkers, not renewing their firearm licenses. This weekend we marched for our lives. This fall, we vote for them. Join me.