Press Release: Dedor Fights to Improve the Lives of the Youngest Iowans

March 19, 2018 (URBANDALE, IOWA) -- Richard Dedor, an Independent candidate for Iowa House District 19, is sharing his education plan with voters this week while the Iowa Legislature continues to debate funding cuts to the Department of Education. It ensures even the youngest Iowans get the education they deserve while feeling safe within school walls. Three key parts include:

Universal Preschool. Universally accessible preschool is a critical part of protecting equal opportunity for all Iowans. While some 4-year-olds have access to this important, early education, not all do.

“Politics is all about priorities and one main priority of mine is to invest in our communities to lift everyone up and leave no one behind. Universal preschool has shown success at improving early reading levels and providing needed educational instruction to everyone in our communities. Investing in Iowa children is an opportunity I will take, every time,” Dedor says.

Competency Based Education. This effort began with Governor Branstad, but implementation came to a halt when state funding ended shortly after the reform bill in 2013. A state task force studied this option and determined it was the best way to prepare Iowa students for the future.

“Utilizing the competency model ensures our students are learning, understanding, and applying their knowledge throughout their education. These education pathways prepare students for real-world application and develops critical thinking skills, as a by-product of their education,” Dedor says.

Make College Affordable. For years, Iowa has prided itself on having great community colleges and three great state, four-year institutions. But over the past decade, those opportunities have become too expensive for families to take advantage of; 35.7% higher than the national tuition average.

“The solution to the growing and burdensome student debt is not creating a financial literacy course. While that is important, it isn’t the symptom of the disease we are trying to solve. We have to invest in our colleges to ensure all students have the opportunity to obtain higher education, if that is the right path for them,” Dedor says.

Besides these three key elements, Richard also plans to initiate a state task force to review the entire K-12 school funding model, which is now over four decades old. He also is dedicated to ensuring all students are safe at school, which includes passing an updated anti-bullying law.