Iowa House Moves Forward With 'Fetal Heartbeat' Bill

Last week, the Iowa House Human Resources Committee moved forward one of the nation's strictest abortion limits in the country. 

There has been a constant struggle -- and in Iowa it has been a two-year battle -- first defunding Planned Parenthood and now this, to change abortion laws to be more restrictive. 

My entire campaign is predicated on supporting policies which lift everyone up and leaves no one behind. To that end, I will always support policies which promote life. 

That means I support politics which help former criminals get a job and get a leg up on their lives. It means I support policies which reduce penalties for small crimes to not unjustly punish and harm our communities. And it means I do not support this fetal heartbeat bill because it doesn't help the life of the unborn, nor does it help the life of the mother. 

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