Press Release: Dedor Calls for New Approach to State Tax Reform


FEBRUARY 28, 2018 (URBANDALE, IOWA) -- Richard Dedor, an Independent candidate for Iowa House District 19, issues this statement following the release of the fiscal note reviewing the GOP tax reform plan outline in Senate File 2383. The nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency identifies, while the plan would identify a small savings in FY2019, every year after would show revenue declines reaching $1.1 billion in 2023.

“Cutting revenues by $208 million a year after having to do three separate budget cuts totaling nearly $300 million makes no fiscal sense and make even less sense for our communities. Many Iowans agree comprehensive tax reform is needed to make businesses more competitive and put more money back into the hands of hard-working Iowans. There are good pieces to this bill, but any reform of this size, scope, and impact, must be done out in the open and collaboratively with all elected officials and not by one party without true debate.”

Richard’s plan seeks to reform sales, income and property taxes to ensure Iowa is positioned well for today's needs and tomorrow's growth.