As an Independent in Iowa, I Believe:

A Declaration of Independents

I often get asked about why I'm running for the Iowa House as an Independent. It's quite simple. In our, our growing partisanship has created a divide in the areas where we can least afford it: education, taxes, economic development, and water quality. We have forgotten our common principles, and instead, have retreated to our corners and partisan lines. I want to stand for more. I want to stand for you. I want to fight for our future. And I want to do it together. 

So, here is my declaration and promise for you, and what I believe as an Independent: 

First, I will put the public interest ahead of any partisan or special interest.
As an Independent, I believe good governance is about rising above petty partisanship and putting the people first. Government should represent “We, the people” -- nothing more and nothing less.

Second, I will use common sense and find common ground to solve problems.
I fully and wholly reject today’s zero sum politics and desire to work together with Democrats and Republicans in an inclusive and civil manner to get things done. As an Independents, I follow the facts, identify root causes, offer new ideas, and make logical decisions.

Third, I stand for the timeless values of opportunity, equality, and stewardship.
I want to empower every Iowan to realize their full potential, uphold equal rights for all under the law, and ultimately leave a stronger state for the next generation. As an Independent, I believe in both fiscal and environmental responsibility.

Fourth, I will champion competition, transparency, and accountability in politics.
We must hold ourselves to the highest standards of honor and honesty and by fix the broken incentives that contribute to political dysfunction. As an Independent, I support reforms to ensure our political process truly represents the people —  including the way we vote, fund campaigns, and run elections.

*Adapted from Unite America.