Let's Grow Iowa From the Ground Up

If Iowa is known for one thing to those who don't live and work here, it is that we have great soil for growing crops that feed the world. It's true. And we should take that concept and do the same thing to grow our economy and job prospects for everyone. 

Last week, I released my plan, "Grow Iowa's Economy" to ensure we have a robust economy and are set up to have jobs of the future. 

My four-point plan will raise the quality of life throughout our state to a level that supports strong communities and strong families.

  1. Increase the statewide minimum wage

  2. Reduce regulations

  3. Create an Iowa Startup Fund

  4. Support programs to close the skills gap

Overall, Iowa's economy is strong and our unemployment rate is historically low. But we aren't building an economy which can support the innovation economy nor are our policies designed to build our communities from the ground up.