Kicking Off the #BeHeard Campaign

This past weekend I had the great opportunity — after kicking off our campaign a week ago — to travel our district and talk to voters and political activists from across the state. 

While we were blessed with good weather (perhaps a little bit on the warm side), I was excited to listen to the voters. Over two days we held events at the Iowa Capitol, Penoach Winery (Adel), and Reising Sun Cafe (Polk City), and at each stop we met with voters who just want our state to be better. 

One visitor expressed their frustration that the current leadership doesn’t seem to want to support education. Another was appalled at the one-sided nature of the 2017 session. And still another was very disenfranchised with politicians as a whole. 

In talking with the latter, I said that I am not a politician and I’m not with a party. I encouraged him to take my literature home and think about my campaign. 

I know it’s going to be hard for many voters to understand what an “Independent” candidate believes and represents. Being an Independent doesn’t mean being a moderate middle-of-the-road candidate on every single issue. It means supporting policy which does the most good and does the least harm. It means supporting policy which lifts everyone up and leaves no one behind. It means listening to voters of all backgrounds, understanding the facts, and letting that guide our policy. 

And it’s why I’ve made the theme of my campaign “Be Heard.” I truly want to listen to every voter to understand the viewpoints of everyone, and to have an honest dialogue about what will make our district better and stronger. 

This past weekend was just the start of the campaign and I hope you’ll come out and say hi while we travel the district

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