Waukee APEX Showcases The Power of Hands-On Education

Last night the Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX) program hosted their first bi-annual Showcase and Professional Learning Workshop. 

Education in Iowa APEX School

APEX is designed to be a collaboration between education, business, and the community, developing highly skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders. Waukee APEX draws on the expertise of business partners to bring real-world experience to high schoolers. Through passion-based learning, authentic projects, and experiences, students add value to business partners while exploring career possibilities identified by economic trends within our metro area and state.

As a candidate and future parent, seeing with my own eyes what is happening in this center was inspiring. I spent over an hour going from showcase to showcase learning about the projects the students have been working on; everything from building hydro-power models, developing and testing a new system for injection modeling for a local company, and helping a local engineering firm re-design runways at Ankeny's airport. 

This is hands-on learning for the 21st Century; providing real world experience to students before they even get to college is invaluable and a model that we need to work to model across our district and state.