News: State official says Iowa's revenue could mean mid-year cuts

Globe Gazette: State official says Iowa's revenue could mean mid-year cuts


Mid-year spending cuts to state agencies are possible next session because Iowa's revenue growth remains below initial projections, a key state official said Monday.

Department of Management Director David Roederer told reporters the state's roughly $7.2 billion budget for the year that ends next June could be reduced between about $45 million and $90 million when lawmakers return in 2018. He said pending accounting will determine the extent of the shortfall.

It appears our state legislature will again be forced to make mid-year reductions in the current fiscal year budget when the session kicks off on January 8. 

This is no way to run a government that people of all ages depends on. Our state government must reform our tax code to ensure we have a more predictable stream of revenue needed to provide essential services to Iowans of all ages and background.