Since Glee began five years ago, they have been a beacon for story-telling. Whether it was Kurt’s coming out, gay and straight relationships, school violence, family troubles, and now death, Glee has shown us humanity.

They shattered the idea of fear and showed that the high school quarterback can be in the glee club; and be their leader too.

While just a television show with the ability to make everything end up perfect in the end, they still displayed situations that teens and adults alike are facing in the 21st Century.

Last week we said goodbye to Finn, the quarterback. The lead male singer. Our friend. We all know he died of a drug overdose this past summer and no matter his flaws, the people who only knew him as Finn and his private world who knew him as Cory are all mourning his too-early passing.

It was and is senseless to die so young at the hand of drugs. He tried to get better.

This is something we can change and Glee has shown us how. We need to be open about drug and substance abuse. We need to be open about mental health. There is help. We just need to be open to it.