3 Things to Know About the Estate Tax

I am a fiscal conservative but on April 22, 2015, The New York Times reported that the House had voted to repeal the Estate Tax. They said, “Republican leaders hailed the vote as a victory for farmers and small-business owners who may otherwise be forced to sell assets after the death of a spouse or […]

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How to Stabalize Our National Debt

While our federal budget is a complicated amalgamation of over a dozen federal departments and agencies, we continue to spend more than we bring in; a model that can not sustain itself over the long term. The goal of this exercise using a tool at The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget is to get […]

Corporate Tax Rate

Reform The Corporate Tax Code

For years, businesses and politicians have made the point that the corporate tax system is grossly unfair. It’s unfair to employees. It’s unfair to shareholders. And it is unfair to the American tax system. Our friends over at The Committee for a Responsible Budget put together a calculator to help us talk about potential reforms […]

Experian Social Security

Chat with Richard: The Tragedy of the Third Rail

As we near the midterm election of 2014, one issue that has slowly cropped up has been Social Security. There have been some bits of misinformation and I have been engaging with fellow Americans on Twitter and I thought it was time to clear a few things up. First, I have never advocated for a […]

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The Death Tax

I was pleasantly surprised as I began to research this week’s video on the dreaded “death tax” or more officially name the Estate Tax. I thought that it was still a low threshold for money that you will pass on to your family that is taxes. Surprisingly, it is now over $5 million that you […]