Respect Other’s Time

I was recently in a business meeting and for the first hour it was was report-outs from the staff. There were nine people to report during a 50-minute period. It was simple updates on on-going projects and recent meetings and trainings the group had attended. The first three reports went smoothly and gave their brief […]

Find a Role Model, Be a Role Model

Lately I’ve been in a reflective mood. I can’t really figure out why – it happens with me from time to time. I think about the past. I think about the future. I think about the people who have impacted my life and how (I hope) I have impacted theirs. With the release of my […]

FOCUS: Respect (v2n46)

Selected Life Lesson Treat each person you meet with utmost respect – you can learn something positive from everyone. -Philip D’s life lesson from Ankeny, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… In my resent workshops, I’ve been hearing a lot about respect and the importance of respecting each other. Obviously I agree. I love Philip’s lesson about treating […]

FOCUS: Love!

Selected Life Lesson Never miss the opportunity to say, “I love you.” -Linda L’s Life Lesson from St. Louis, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Last week was Valentine’s Day. I hope you spent some time reflecting on your love for your special someone and those special people in your life who make every day amazing. We all […]