US Constitution

Standing Up For Free Speech

Commencement is an end as well as a beginning and graduating from college should symbolize the final transition into a full-fledged adult; one with obligations and opportunities, but one that also requires adult thinking. This past spring, world-renowned and oft-respected former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and current leader of the International Monetary Fund Christine […]

ACLU Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Continues to Evolve

As is true with many issues in politics, my own opinion on medical marijuana has been an evolving viewpoint. This week I’m going to touch on two topics: medical marijuana and the recreational use of marijuana. Please keep in mind that my opinions continue to evolve and the latter deserves (and will receive) further debate […]

Joe Scarborough

How Joe Scarborough Can Become President

This story originally appeared on Medium. In order to win a national election in this country, you have to have a few things going in your favor. First, you must have an electable persona. It sounds cliche but it is true in today’s media-driven world. Look at candidates like Mitt Romney and Al Gore; super-smart […]

CitiGroup Taxes

The Death Tax

I was pleasantly surprised as I began to research this week’s video on the dreaded “death tax” or more officially name the Estate Tax. I thought that it was still a low threshold for money that you will pass on to your family that is taxes. Surprisingly, it is now over $5 million that you […]


The Gay Blood Ban

The ban on gay men donating blood is tragic and can be avoided. There are growing numbers of people out to overturn the ban, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and the group, Banned4Life.

Newsletter: Work Together

This is part of my monthly newsletter (which is free, by the way)! Sign up below to get this each and every month! As I write this, the government in the United States is still shut down. And let me be clear: I don’t care if you blame Republicans, Democrats, the Tea Party, or the […]

Standing Together for Leadership

On Monday night, two Democratic members of Congress voted with the GOP on their bill to avoid a government shutdown. They are the democratic congressman Sean Patrick Maloney from New York and Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona. They both voted Aye on H.J. RES 59, which stated that the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act would […]