Dale Christensen

Meet: Dale Christensen

Last month I had the opportunity to meet 2016 presidential candidate Dale Christensen in Dallas County, Iowa. Dale is a man full of convictions and I admire his entrance into the race. A few things about Dale are worth mentioning. First, he was educated both here and overseas (London). He has worked internationally and is […]

Money from Getty

The Debt Ceiling Returns

This piece first appeared in Republic 3.0. It is happening again: news that the United States Government is inching ever closer to the debt ceiling that has caused so many contentious debates over the past four years. For the past 13 months, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew has had and used the authority to […]

Run For America

Why I Want to Run For America

In a USA Today Op Ed on March 4, six former candidates wrote that it is time for the Millennial generation to step up and lead. I agree and am ready to join the Run for America team. Jeffrey Carson, Justin Fareed, Christina Gagnier, Dan Lavallee, Nick Troiano, and Weston Wamp wrote about why they […]

Experian Social Security

The War with Social Security

A recent e-mail from Strengthen Social Security, a political action group, and signed by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders read: Republicans hate Social Security because it has been an extraordinary success and has done exactly what it was designed to do. Since its implementation in 1935, Social Security has lowered the poverty rate amongst seniors from […]

Education Classroom

News: Don’t Give Up the Gains in Education

The New York Times: Don’t Give Up the Gains in Education Excerpt: Congress made the right decision a decade ago when it required states to administer yearly tests to public school students — and improve instruction for poor and minority students — in return for federal education aid. National test data clearly show that since […]