A Coffee Shop Show

I’ve written often of my journey with photography and painting. Ever since that day back in March 2008 when I gave a speech at Kirkwood Community College and didn’t follow my own advice. Since that day, I have only painted a few times, but I enjoy it every time I do. I’ve spent more of my time working on my photography skills. (I plan on doing even more photography in 2010, but double my painting output too!)

Art up at Starbucks

This year, I achieved a goal I didn’t even know I had: I was in an art show! That was the first time I’d shown any of my art in the view of the public – and let them talk to me about their thoughts on it! For the month of November, a few pieces of my work were up on display at my local Starbucks. It was cool to stop by, have a cup of coffee and see my work hanging up. I hope the patrons enjoyed it too.

This has been an incredible journey and I can’t wait to see where it goes next!