I’m going to try to do this little review post at the end of each month and it will be in three parts. (Previous Months: JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust)

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Progress Towards my Goals

I wrote about what I’m striving for in 2011 at the beginning of the year.

  1. Read more. <– Right on track! You can see my book reviews from all the books I’ve read.
  2. Spend more time in personal reflection (focusing on where I’ve grown and where I can). <–it has been a good month of reflection and direction-finding
  3. Outreach more with my consulting. <– launched my coaching venture
  4. Write. <– Finished the first draft … I will spend this month fine-tuning and cleaning it up before requesting a few editors go through it!
  5. Paint. <– I have an idea so now I just need to do it
  6. Take more photos. <– I need to schedule some time to edit some of the latest photos I’ve taken. You can also check out my store for other photos.
  7. Join a club or recreational sports league. (dodge ball anyone?) <– postponed until the fall
  8. Cook. <– I’ve slipped on the in-depth cooking, but I try to cook a nice meal over the weekends
  9. Entertain. <– Will continue to do it with friends
  10. Ask questions. <– definitely getting better at this one

Other Goals I’m Pursuing

  • Speaking Clients – none
  • Coaching Clients – currently in consultation phase
  • Secure an Literary Agent – haven’t started
  • Blog Post Frequency – Currently on pace
  • Business Income – 26% towards goal
  • Read 16 Books – Completed 12
  • Personal Savings Goal – On pace
  • Pay Off Student Loan – On pace
  • Paint Six Paintings – Haven’t had time
  • Attend 12 Networking Events – Behind pace
  • Take Photos Once a Month – I have gone out four times so far
  • Sell a Painting – not yet
  • Start Volunteering – Began working with The Trevor Project in May!
  • Make 52 new NYC Connections – Must update my tracking sheet

And here we are at the last quarter of 2011! I have a lot I need to do and I am now honing in on the few things that I am 100 percent going to dive into and make sure I get them done. I am also now in the planning phase for 2012 and will report on that later this year! How are you doing?

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