Focus – on Giving

Selected Life Lesson You can keep on giving even if you don’t always feel that you received. -Janet V’s Life Lesson from Fairfield, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… The old saying that it is better to give than to receive is — and always will be — true. I make a commitment every year to donate a […]

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Getting What You Seek

Fact: We get what your brains are focused on. Nothing more and sometimes much less. 37Signals recently summarized the infamous Invisible Gorilla study where researchers found that 83 percent of radiologists, in reviewing x-rays of lungs, missed a superimposed image of a gorilla. Why? Because they weren’t looking for it. When I lead team building […]

Newsletter: Start Climbing

This is part of my monthly newsletter (which is free, by the way)! Sign up here to get it delivered to your mailbox each month Over winter break, I took three hours and locked myself away to review 2012 and plan for 2013. This includes goal review, life review, deep reflection on what went well […]

Be Original

In the land of so much noise, we have to pick and choose what messages we actually pay attention to and let into our lives. I have actually become pretty strict with what I let into my life now, and it is a goal of mine here in 2013 to be super-focused. But it is […]

FOCUS: Be Open!

Selected Life Lesson My husband and I walked into a store we don’t shop in and we were quick to judge this girl — we were both ashamed. She was very sweet and helpful. -Lori R’s Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Last week’s lesson was about assuming. How did your reflection on […]

5 Lessons from “The Summer of Richard”

Sure, I involuntarily departed from my previous full-time job and sure it was depressing. But after 110 days on my own, I joined a new team here in New York City and I could not be more excited about the future. But in what I am now calling, “The Summer of Richard,” I thought I […]

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FOCUS: Lifelong Learning!

Selected Life Lesson I learned that grades aren’t the definition of my outcomes in eduction. -Teresa E’s Life Lesson from Wichita, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Many of my subscribers are either students or work in the education field and it is “back to school” season! For someone like me who is no longer involved in “formal” […]