Focus on the Power of Choice

Life Lesson Of The Week Don’t impose your own expectations on your children. Support theirs and help them live up to their own potential. -Kynn M’s Life Lesson from Cape Girardeau, Mo. Focus On It Growing up, I was pressured from multiple people — family included — to join the clergy. I did consider it, […]

I Have No Regrets

Very few times in life will I ever work hard, pour my heart into something, succeed and walk away. Since the summer of 2007 when I launched Winglight Productions (only to be re-branded as just Richard Dedor), I have been working my ass off to make it as a speaker and consultant. in that time, […]

Focus – Your Unique Self

Selected Life Lesson Love others despite their differences; don’t judge them. -Richard Z’s Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… If this New York City adventure has taught me anything, it is to respect our amazing human differences. I will likely never live anywhere else in the world where people are so vastly different. Each […]

London Inspired a Generation

I recently finished watching the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. (I know … I have been behind!) But I was at a wedding that evening, but wanted to desperately watch it. And now that I have, I can’t stop watching it. Olympic planning committees have a way of being their own worst enemies […]

FOCUS: Power of Passion!

Selected Life Lesson In order to meet my passions, I must start saying, “no” to the things I am less passionate about. -LaRi L’s Life Lesson from Kansas City, Missouri Richard’s Thoughts… Last week marked the return of two things to my life: speaking and running. This fall for me has been extremely busy and […]

FOCUS: Be Present

Selected Life Lesson Live in the moment. The past and the future are nothing more than thoughts. -Janelle D’s Life Lesson from Baltimore, Maryland Richard’s Thoughts… This week I had the good fortune to meet Jennifer and her fellow human resource professionals at the Nonprofit Human Resource Conference in our nation’s capital. It was the […]

Newsletter: Reach for the Stars

This is part of my monthly newsletter (which is free, by the way)! Sign up here to get it delivered to your mailbox each month! It must be said that I love good writing. I don’t think that comes as any surprise, as I love writing myself and I love reading the works of others. […]