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Book Review: Read This Before Our Next Meeting

Business books are trending towards this style, short, to the point with a clear way to execute and implement the ideas. In Read This Before Our Next Meeting by Al Pittampalli, we are given seven new rules

Thoughts From Team Drake

Last Wednesday I had the great challenge and opportunity to work with Drake University to strengthen their team. (I want to thank all the participants for being great sports!) There was a great variation in the departments

Living in Full Color

The joy of the first table read. Two weeks ago a friend of mine from the writer’s group had us do a table read of one of the scenes from his new play. I played a priest.

Friendly Business

Two weeks ago, I wrote about a terrible first business meeting. Continuing with that theme today, let’s focus on you! What is your first business meeting like? I think we all can agree how important the first

Haven’t We Met?

About a month ago I had a meeting with someone who wanted my business. I always try to fit these meetings in about once a month. Sometimes it’s just one company who has contacted me, other times

Three Reasons to Have a Meeting

Two days ago I wrote about how meetings are destroying offices across the world. But what are reasons to call a meeting? 1) Brainstorming. First of all, these meetings should never, ever be held within the office

Let’s Schedule Another Meeting

What was the last meeting you attended? What was the purpose? What were the objectives for the meeting going into it? Don’t remember? How often do we attend meetings that are just meetings because you’re supposed to