Read This Before Our Next MeetingBusiness books are trending towards this style, short, to the point with a clear way to execute and implement the ideas. In Read This Before Our Next Meeting by Al Pittampalli, we are given seven new rules when it comes to meetings.

The key to any of these ideas being implemented is having buy-in from the top. I know for me, I always ask for the agenda, or in the very least, a list of topics that will be covered in a meeting.

Pittampalli goes into detail and drives home the point over and over again that the purpose of a meeting should only be to support a decision that has already been made.

David Heinemer Hansson, from 37 Signals, says meetings are toxic because they break workdays into a series of work moments. Achieving flow, the state in which we do our best work, can take long periods of focus. Interruptions force us to start over each time.

Hansson’s feeling about breaking up the day is precisely why I don’t check my e-mail 30 times a day and why I have written about it extensively.

This book is great because it comes at a time when we all want to be more productive and effective in our work and this book provides great tools to do so.

Why You Should Read It:

  • We waste a lot of time in pointless, ‘let’s talk about this memo’ meetings and this book will shed some light onto how to improve your meetings.
  • It’s quick and easy to read and gives you great information and resources behind the seven rules.

What You Can Expect to Walk Away With:

  • Our companies and our businesses need help and this book will give you valuable tools to make your meetings better.
  • You will come away with quick and easy implementable ways to improve your team.
  • A desire to make your day 100-percent more effective and productive.