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Focus on making it happen

Life Lesson Of The Week I went back to school and got my degree as a non-traditional student. I did it when I didn’t think I could! -Linda M’s Life Lesson from Garden City, Kansas Focus On

FOCUS: Lifelong Learning!

Selected Life Lesson I learned that grades aren’t the definition of my outcomes in eduction. -Teresa E’s Life Lesson from Wichita, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Many of my subscribers are either students or work in the education field

FOCUS: Talk Love!

Selected Life Lesson Willingness to try/learn something new can never be disappointing. Unwillingness to do anything disappoints everyone. -Linda L’s Life Lesson from St. Louis, Missouri Richard’s Thoughts… I have never made it a secret that I

Protect Your Brain

It’s why your mother always asked (or told) you to wear your bike helmet! Your brain is pretty important to your everyday life … and well … existence! I am currently reading two books on that very

Newsletter: Keep Learning

This is part of my monthly newsletter (which is free, by the way)! Sign up here to get it delivered to your mailbox each month! Did you know that up until ten years ago, the scientific community

2012: Build Something

If You Explain, People Listen

In my experience working in politics, social media and non-profits, I have had my fair share of customer and client experiences. I am happy to say that most every interaction is marked as positive. But not all.