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News: Don’t Give Up the Gains in Education

The New York Times: Don’t Give Up the Gains in Education Excerpt: Congress made the right decision a decade ago when it required states to administer yearly tests to public school students — and improve instruction for poor and minority students — in return for federal education aid. National test data clearly show that since […]

Book Review: Blink

I recently finished Blink by Malcom Gladwell, and while not as good (in my opinion) of his latest work, Outliers which I already reviewed. While Outliers looked at what created personal success. Blink focuses on the two seconds your mind takes in making decisions. In a nut-shell it was fascinating. Why You Should Read It: […]

Book Review: Team of Rivals

Since this book came out in 2005, I immediately put it on my book list. Not only is author Doris Kearns Goodwin a world-renowned historian, but  I knew this work would give me a new look into someone I believe to be the best and most important president the United States have ever had. It […]