This Week’s Lesson
Live your talents; use them all and give them all before your life is over.
-Barb O’s life lesson from Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Richard’s Thoughts…
Talents are amazing and are meant to be shared. Just think if the birds outside your window only sang when they had an audience. Or your children only colored when a sticker would be given. Life is amazing and beautiful because we all have talents. And it would be even more beautiful if we shared them with those around us every day!

Think about you: What talents do you have? Can you write? Can you sing? Can you paint, take photos, are you good with your hands, your mind, your feet, your speaking skills… the list goes on and on! How can you share your talents?

This Focus Your Life e-mail is part of me sharing my talents and passions. I love doing this! I love that I get the chance to connect with you all once a week and share a tiny lesson from someone else and share my own thoughts. I love that I get the chance to motivate you and help you change your life. It’s amazing! And it is simple. What simple action can you take with you talents this week?

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