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Life Size Jenga

Subscribe to this blog! Last week Wimbledon kicked off (my second favorite tennis tournament) to much news. On the first day Roger Federer was down by two set to love and then from days two to four,

Book Review – My Brother’s Voice

The last time I went to the library and walked out with a book I hadn’t planned on was nearly two years ago with Man and Boy. I went into my local library a few weeks ago

Anything is Possible

What a journey it has been! From the first moment I became inspired to actually developing the idea and then finally putting pen to paper until the day the book finally arrived it has been a labor

Creativity, I am Waiting

*Beginning in 2010, I started writing a bi-weekly column, “From Richard’s Oft Cluttered Desk” which appears every other Wednesday. This is the fifth column I’ve penned officially for this blog. Each time I’ve sat down to write

Finding Inspiration

So what if my book is done? (by the way, I’m not actually asking that… I’m using it to push me at the moment and you’ll find out why if you keep reading.) It is a tremendous

FOCUS: Your Mission! (v2n32)

This Week’s Lesson Stressing over the interruptions that I thought were taking me away from my purpose, it dawned on me that my interruptions were part of my mission in life. -Janice F’s life lesson from Kansas

FOCUS: Your Talents! (v2n29)

This Week’s Lesson Live your talents; use them all and give them all before your life is over. -Barb O’s life lesson from Cape Girardeau, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Talents are amazing and are meant to be shared.