FOCUS: Change! (v2n25)

This Week’s Lesson The future is essentially unpredictable because change is the one thing we can always depend upon. -John B’s life lesson from Prairie Village, Kan. Richard’s Thoughts… The winds of change are upon us… literally. Here in Kansas and across most of the world, the season is in a drastic change and the […]

Dream Big Dreams, Take Small Steps

This is a guest post by @SamDavidson of CoolPeopleCare. Someone said (either Victor Hugo or Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, depending upon where you look online) that small dreams aren’t worth dreaming because they have no ability to stir the hearts of others. I agree. Dreams (the kind you have when you’re awake) are fun. You […]

3 Cups of Tea, We Are Family

I’ve been wanting to read, Three Cups of Tea since I picked it up last Christmas and I finally was able to work it into my schedule and I’m glad I did. Tea is written by Greg Mortenson (the guy who the book is about) and David Oliver Relin, and the story begins when Mortenson […]

FOCUS: One Stream! (v2n21)

This Week’s Lesson You will never be truly happy and successful unless you do things for other people. -Less’s life lesson from Minot, North Dakota Richard’s Thoughts… Community service has often been called noble service. I started volunteering back in 1999 and now, ten years later things have changed. Not only can I volunteer in […]

On Caring

I recently received a book in the mail from @SamDavidson (one of my favorite online friends)! It was a gift for helping promote his company and while I still haven’t dove head-first into his mission, I’m excited to read this book and share with you what I learn. What Sam and his co-author (Stephen […]

FOCUS: Do It! (v2n13)

This Week’s Lesson I can do more than I thought I could. -Marian A’s life lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Did you see the end of the British Open on Sunday? (Maybe you slept through it…) Well, I did watch it and I found myself shedding a few tears for the gentleman, Tom […]