FOCUS: Your Ripples! (v2n24)

This Week’s Lesson There is value in every helpful act – it is a ripple effect. -Colleen N’s life lesson from Galena, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Ahhh, the ripple effect of caring and kindness. It’s not a new or even novel concept, but as our busy lives take over our daily thoughts and actions, those simple […]

FOCUS: One Stream! (v2n21)

This Week’s Lesson You will never be truly happy and successful unless you do things for other people. -Less’s life lesson from Minot, North Dakota Richard’s Thoughts… Community service has often been called noble service. I started volunteering back in 1999 and now, ten years later things have changed. Not only can I volunteer in […]

We are One Stream

We live in one world. Just one. Oftentimes it however it seems we live in many and can only affect the world nearest us. We live in our neighborhoods, then communities, then cities, then states, then nations, then our continent and then the world. But alas, it is one world we live in. What I […]

FOCUS: Give Appreciation! (v2n20)

This Week’s Lesson Appreciate what you have in life and express it. -Penny T’s life lesson from Solon, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… How many times during the day do you express appreciation for someone’s kindness, someone’s thoughtfulness, or someone’s friendship? Can’t recall? Well… today is your lucky day! I bet you know the power of gratitude […]

FOCUS: Happiness! (v1n48)

This Week’s Lesson If you’re not happy, do something about it! -Courtney S’ life lesson from Ainsworth, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… One of my favorite bands, Switchfoot, has a song called, “Happy is a Yuppie Word.” Their point was that it isn’t so much if you’re happy or not, for them it was matter of being […]