Government 101: Equal Protection is For Me Too!

Over the last four years, much has been made over gay marriage. Take California for instance. In 2008, a widely out-of-state funded ballot measure known as Prop 8 was put in front of the voters. The measure read: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.” It passed and […]

Love Matters

The election season is upon us and again the issue of gay rights is on the agenda. It’s not in a typical, “let’s ban gay marriage” fashion. It’s from three-time Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats. After losing for a third time, Vander Plaats announced a new campaign. He wasn’t going to run as a […]

Orbiting the Giant Hairball

I love when randomly recommended books turn out to be amazing! Then I find out that the book has been one of the favorites amongst leadership folks for 15 years! I will say this before I give my review for the book … you need to read Orbiting the Giant Hairball. There, now if you […]

Life Size Jenga

Last week Wimbledon kicked off (my second favorite tennis tournament) to much news. On the first day Roger Federer was down by two set to love and then from days two to four, American John Isner and Frechman Nicolas Mahut were locked in the longest tennis match in history. But somewhere on the hollowed grounds […]

Be a Child

I met a speaker years and years ago (when I was in high school) and one of his core messages was quite simple: Grow up to be a child.” Sometimes when I speak to audiences now, I tell that story. Mostly because I didn’t really understand it then quite as well as I do now. […]

The Improbable 2009

2009 is almost in the books! What an amazing year it has been and how amazing the future looks! I can hardly imagine what is possible, but I know anything is! A lot more happened this year than I thought possible… so here is just a glimpse. 1. I Can Run! I began 2009 with […]

FOCUS: Your Mission! (v2n32)

This Week’s Lesson Stressing over the interruptions that I thought were taking me away from my purpose, it dawned on me that my interruptions were part of my mission in life. -Janice F’s life lesson from Kansas City, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Over the last year, I have been working on a lot of projects and […]