Focus on Who You Are

Life Lesson Of The Week Stand your ground, be true to yourself, be yourself! -Anita D’s Life Lesson from Watkins, Iowa Focus On It In picking Anita’s lesson for this focus, I did not want this to come off as a violent lesson. The concept of “standing your ground” can appear as a physical stance, […]

Focus on yourself

Life Lesson Of The Week Be yourself. -Cheryl V’s Life Lesson from Manchester, Iowa Focus On It The best person you can ever be … is yourself. You can’t be John Grisham. You can’t be Picasso. You can’t be Bon Jovi. You can only and ever be you. And you are a beautiful person. Be […]

Focus on what you can control

Life Lesson Of The Week You can not control others and their perceptions of you, so stop worrying about it. -Shelly M’s Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Focus On It The amount of time we spend on worry is killing us. And aside from the adverse health effects of worry, it is simply a […]

Focus on Opportunity

Life Lesson Of The Week Make the most of each day. -Anonymous’ Life Lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Focus On It There are any number of cliches that I can use with this week’s lesson. Each day is a gift that we are given and it is up to us to use it to our […]

Focus – on Fear

Life Lesson Of The Week Don’t let fear control your life. Honesty = happiness. -Sydney P’s Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas Focus On It Fear is a very powerful emotion. We all have it. We all battle it. But what happens next is what matters. What matters is how we handle fear. Whether it is […]

Feeling at Home

I am not much of an interior decorator. In fact, I don’t think once in my life did I ever want to grow up and do that for a career. That is likely the reason I never really felt at home in any place that I have lived since college. But Steve Adams Interior Design […]

Focus: On Love

Selected Life Lesson Never go to bed angry. Always end with love you or good night. -Kendra C’s Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… After the past ten days, there aren’t many lessons that are worth sharing, so I wanted to keep it simple this week. Kendra’s lesson, and mine is simple: love […]