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You Just Have to Start

I was not born a runner. When it comes to athletics, I’m not quite sure what I was born, but I started as a baseball player and transformed into a pretty decent tennis player. After my back

Marathon Training Log No. 11

13.1 is Only Half the Journey

*This is the third post in a five-post series on my quest to complete the Rock ‘n Roll San Diego Marathon on June 3, 2012. Running was never my thing. I grew up playing little league baseball

FOCUS: Trembling Legs!

Selected Life Lesson I’ve learned how to be less shy. I had to give a speech in front of the whole school and my legs were trembling. Now I have more confidence about myself. -Anonymous Life Lesson

All In or All Out

Early in the movie Tommy Boy, “Big Tom Callahan” is trying to convince the bank to give him a loan for a major business expansion. He tells the banker, “In business, you’re either growing or you’re dying.

Newsletter: Execute Now

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Focus on the Keys to Success

If I had all the answers, I probably wouldn’t be living in an apartment in New York City. I’d be governor or senator or the creator of Google or something. But I don’t. Not many of us