FOCUS: Take Action! (v3n42)

Selected Life Lesson Instead of spending time and energy agonizing over a problem you are facing, take action toward solving it. -Heidi D’s life lesson from El Dorado, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… It happens to the best of us: We set an audacious New Year’s Resolution and for a week or two or even maybe if […]

Nadal: The Greatest Ever

*Beginning in 2010, I started writing a bi-weekly column, “From Richard’s Oft Cluttered Desk” which appears every other Wednesday. “He may be the best of all time.” Those thoughts and statements are starting to creep up in men’s tennis once again. They have been written quite a bit in the last decade. In fact, TENNIS […]

What is Possible?

Last week I spent a few hours leading a workshop/ideation session at a university. It was a fun group (all information technology folks), and it was fun to see everyone with their Droid’s, iPads and laptops. But what was even more fun was how they looked at all the problems I posed. For instance, we […]

FOCUS: Your Decision!

Selected Life Lesson It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks… it’s always your decision in the end. -Erin S’ Life Lesson from Dover, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Your life is your life. No questions asked. You are the one who has to live it. You are the one when you have a dream, you have to chase […]

Life is a Permanent Beta Test

Jon Foreman, the lead singer of my favorite band Switchfoot once said, “[…] unlimited undos. I wish I had that in life.” The great thing is: We do! In life, we get as many chances as we need to find answers and ask questions. We have our whole lives to figures things out and reach […]

SPARKS of Taking Risks Podcast

From running for mayor at the age of 18, to speaking, to writing a book, and even painting, Richard Dedor continues to learn and grow through taking risks. Join us as Richard shares lessons, successes, and strategies to stretch your risk-taking and find focus to create the life you desire. Learn more about Richard and […]

3 Cups of Tea, We Are Family

I’ve been wanting to read, Three Cups of Tea since I picked it up last Christmas and I finally was able to work it into my schedule and I’m glad I did. Tea is written by Greg Mortenson (the guy who the book is about) and David Oliver Relin, and the story begins when Mortenson […]