Finding Happiness

Where is that place where you most come alive? What are the senses that make you feel at peace? Who are you with when you laugh so hard it hurts? My friend Emily recently posted a photo of her answer and it got me thinking about my perfect place. I talk a lot to my […]

FOCUS: Family First!

Selected Life Lesson Never put your job before your family. -Tyneal H’s Life Lesson from Vinton, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Working in New York City over the past 13 months has taught me a few things. First, time is precious. Second, food is delicious. Third, family and friends are the most valuable people in the world. […]

Mental Health Days

Working in one of the entrepreneurial capitals of the world, I have kept my finger on the pulse of the trends not only in the types of business being created, but also the business management behind them. One of the many perks being given out today is an idea around no vacation policy. It is […]

FOCUS: Be Thankful!

Selected Life Lesson Be thankful for today because tomorrow may never come. -S.R.’s Life Lesson from Central City, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… I have been thinking a lot lately about life and the loss that comes with it. This is certainly not an uplifting topic to spend my time on day in and day out, but […]

FOCUS: Love!

Selected Life Lesson Life is short, spend it with the ones you love. -Joy O’s Life Lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… I hope you all spend at least a little bit of time with the ones you love over the coming days as we close out 2011! I’ll be staying here in New […]

FOCUS: Appreciate!

Selected Life Lesson Validate and appreciate everyone. Realize they have value even if you don’t like them and acknowledge their gifts and skills. -Carla H’s Life Lesson from Everton, Missouri Richard’s Thoughts… Our FOCUS email took a week off last week to relax and spend time appreciating everyone in my life. And you all are […]