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FOCUS: Your Ripples! (v2n24)

This Week’s Lesson There is value in every helpful act – it is a ripple effect. -Colleen N’s life lesson from Galena, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Ahhh, the ripple effect of caring and kindness. It’s not a new

The Lost Generation

60 years ago, we found the “Greatest Generation” but it appears we are now finding the “Lost Generation.” It is a sweeping generality so I apologize but just keep reading. Today marks the anniversary of my first

FOCUS: Kindness! (v2n5)

This Week’s Lesson It costs me nothing to be kind to someone who is unkind… but may be their most precious gift. -Caryn R’s life lesson from of Marion, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… It is often said that

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I have waited to write this column in hopes of finding some reason for the reason behind it. I haven’t. There is no reason. There are no answers. On Feb 12, 2008, Lawrence King was killed by