FOCUS: Love!

Selected Life Lesson Never miss the opportunity to say, “I love you.” -Linda L’s Life Lesson from St. Louis, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Last week was Valentine’s Day. I hope you spent some time reflecting on your love for your special someone and those special people in your life who make every day amazing. We all […]

FOCUS: Battles

This Week’s Lesson Know when to pick your battle & when to just keep your mouth shut and fly under the radar. –Richard W’s life lesson from Des Moines Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Anytime a personal or professional battle comes up, we always want to immediately grab our cell phone, our keyboard or our biggest, meanest […]

Live Today

*This post is the second in the Life-Debt Series. An inside look at living your life to its fullest. On virtually every blog that I read, over the last three weeks everyone has been writing and reflecting about 2009 and what their vision and goals are for 2010. I was no different. I reflected on […]

Sharing is Caring

Ever been at a staff or family lunch and heard an adult say, “You can’t have any of mine!”? If it is a kid saying it, it is funny. If it is an adult, it definitely comes off as childish. Some of you may have even heard a similar phrase last week over Thanksgiving. I […]

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Can I Help You?

When was the last time someone you know came up to you, out of the blue and said, “What can I assist you with?” Maybe never…? Well, today is your lucky day! So often, we’re called upon to help others and oftentimes we help. We’re conditioned to want to help our friends and co-workers. It’s […]

FOCUS: Help!

This Week’s Lesson The best four letter word is – HELP! -Anonymous’ life lesson Richard’s Thoughts… This week I had to ask for help. I know… who knew Richard could do it?! But seriously… I had to ask for help because I got sick. The kind of sick where you can feel it coming and […]

Animals Change Lives

We’re nearing the end of the 2009 One Stream promotion… and I wanted to talk about one last way for you to change the world. A great organization is helping families around the globe with something very simple: cows. Yes, Heifer International has “learned over the years that a holistic approach is necessary in order […]