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FOCUS: Love!

Selected Life Lesson Never miss the opportunity to say, “I love you.” -Linda L’s Life Lesson from St. Louis, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Last week was Valentine’s Day. I hope you spent some time reflecting on your love

FOCUS: Battles

This Week’s Lesson Know when to pick your battle & when to just keep your mouth shut and fly under the radar. –Richard W’s life lesson from Des Moines Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Anytime a personal or professional

Live Today

*This post is the second in the Life-Debt Series. An inside look at living your life to its fullest. On virtually every blog that I read, over the last three weeks everyone has been writing and reflecting

Sharing is Caring

Ever been at a staff or family lunch and heard an adult say, “You can’t have any of mine!”? If it is a kid saying it, it is funny. If it is an adult, it definitely comes

Can I Help You?

When was the last time someone you know came up to you, out of the blue and said, “What can I assist you with?” Maybe never…? Well, today is your lucky day! So often, we’re called upon

FOCUS: Help!

This Week’s Lesson The best four letter word is – HELP! -Anonymous’ life lesson Richard’s Thoughts… This week I had to ask for help. I know… who knew Richard could do it?! But seriously… I had to

Animals Change Lives

We’re nearing the end of the 2009 One Stream promotion… and I wanted to talk about one last way for you to change the world. A great organization is helping families around the globe with something very