A Week of Heroism

It didn’t strike me until late Friday afternoon how emotionally drained I was from last week. No matter how many times our country and our world goes through a terrible act — terrorism or natural disaster — it always takes time for the pain to set in. And at each of those events, the days […]

FOCUS: Your Ripples! (v2n24)

This Week’s Lesson There is value in every helpful act – it is a ripple effect. -Colleen N’s life lesson from Galena, Mo. Richard’s Thoughts… Ahhh, the ripple effect of caring and kindness. It’s not a new or even novel concept, but as our busy lives take over our daily thoughts and actions, those simple […]

The Lost Generation

60 years ago, we found the “Greatest Generation” but it appears we are now finding the “Lost Generation.” It is a sweeping generality so I apologize but just keep reading. Today marks the anniversary of my first experience with suicide. (I’ll preface that in a minute…) On September 2, 2000, my friend Steve shot and […]

A Flower Just Blooming

I have waited to write this column in hopes of finding some reason for the reason behind it. I haven’t. There is no reason. There are no answers. On Feb 12, 2008, Lawrence King was killed by his classmate. Lawrence was 15. His murderer was 14. Lawrence, known to his friends as Larry was killed […]