On Caring

I recently received a book in the mail from @SamDavidson (one of my favorite online friends)! It was a gift for helping promote his company CoolPeopleCare.org and while I still haven’t dove head-first into his mission, I’m excited to read this book and share with you what I learn. What Sam and his co-author (Stephen […]

The Inconvenience of Change

Habits are hard to change and even easier to make. Simply put, change is hard. But where would we be without it? Where would the United States be had we not had the Industrial Revolution? Where would you be without your morning cup of coffee? Where can scientific discoveries go if change isn’t embraced and […]

Man and Boy

I had my heart set on something different. I left crying in a crowded coffee shop. My coffee shop. On the outside I can sometimes be seen as hard and insensitive. That might be even a little harsh coming from me, but I know I can be stoic. That’s a much better word from an […]