Book Review – My Brother’s Voice

The last time I went to the library and walked out with a book I hadn’t planned on was nearly two years ago with Man and Boy. I went into my local library a few weeks ago before a business trip with a list of three books I wanted to check out. Sadly, all three […]

The Noticer – by Andy Andrews – Book Review

The book The Noticer garnered huge press when it came out and I can clearly see why. Andy Andrews creates a story that it touching and forced me to think about my own life and the people in it. The Noticer focuses on the concept of perspective and how when a person is in the […]

Blink – Book Review

I recently finished Blink by Malcom Gladwell, and while not as good (in my opinion) of his latest work, Outliers which I already reviewed. While Outliers looked at what created personal success. Blink focuses on the two seconds your mind takes in making decisions. In a nut-shell it was fascinating. Why You Should Read It: […]

Team of Rivals

Since this book came out in 2005, I immediately put it on my book list. Not only is author Doris Kearns Goodwin a world-renowned historian, but  I knew this work would give me a new look into someone I believe to be the best and most important president the United States have ever had. It […]

3 Cups of Tea, We Are Family

I’ve been wanting to read, Three Cups of Tea since I picked it up last Christmas and I finally was able to work it into my schedule and I’m glad I did. Tea is written by Greg Mortenson (the guy who the book is about) and David Oliver Relin, and the story begins when Mortenson […]

On Caring

I recently received a book in the mail from @SamDavidson (one of my favorite online friends)! It was a gift for helping promote his company and while I still haven’t dove head-first into his mission, I’m excited to read this book and share with you what I learn. What Sam and his co-author (Stephen […]

The Inconvenience of Change

Habits are hard to change and even easier to make. Simply put, change is hard. But where would we be without it? Where would the United States be had we not had the Industrial Revolution? Where would you be without your morning cup of coffee? Where can scientific discoveries go if change isn’t embraced and […]