I Have No Regrets

Very few times in life will I ever work hard, pour my heart into something, succeed and walk away. Since the summer of 2007 when I launched Winglight Productions (only to be re-branded as just Richard Dedor), I have been working my ass off to make it as a speaker and consultant. in that time, […]

Focus on This Moment

Life Lesson Of The Week Don’t be afraid of the future. This very moment was once the future, and you’re doing just fine. -Tony M’s Life Lesson from Mason City, Iowa Focus On It In Proust Was a Neuroscientist, we find that “every limit is an beginning as well as a ending.” Two weeks ago, […]

Focus on Who You Are

Life Lesson Of The Week Stand your ground, be true to yourself, be yourself! -Anita D’s Life Lesson from Watkins, Iowa Focus On It In picking Anita’s lesson for this focus, I did not want this to come off as a violent lesson. The concept of “standing your ground” can appear as a physical stance, […]

Focus on the positives

Life Lesson Of The Week Don’t hang on to the bad things that happen in life. Remember the good things that came out of bad experiences. -Jackie K’s Life Lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Focus On It We all have bad experiences we wish we could just Men in Black erase from our memories. But […]

Fearful and Ready

When this year began, I had no idea that I would write another book, or that I would now be sitting on the couch injured after a stupid mistake at the gym. A gym I might add I have been to at least once a week in 2013 as it was my New Year’s Resolution […]

Focus on opportunities

Life Lesson Of The Week When one door closes another opens. -Linda G’s Life Lesson from Kansas City, Mo. Focus On It It has been 987 days since I moved to New York City from the safe fields of Kansas City. In those 987 days, much has happened. I have been fired. I have played at […]

Focus on what you can control

Life Lesson Of The Week You can not control others and their perceptions of you, so stop worrying about it. -Shelly M’s Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Focus On It The amount of time we spend on worry is killing us. And aside from the adverse health effects of worry, it is simply a […]