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The Revolutionary Paul Revere – Book Review

Last year I finally accepted the massive undertaking of reading Team of Rivals. If you’re any level of a historian, you know that book is about President Lincoln and the team he assembled around him during his years in Illinois and then Washington. One other fact of note, I am a history buff. I love […]

FOCUS: Your Decision!

Selected Life Lesson It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks… it’s always your decision in the end. -Erin S’ Life Lesson from Dover, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Your life is your life. No questions asked. You are the one who has to live it. You are the one when you have a dream, you have to chase […]

Open by Agassi

As a tennis fan, the release of Andre Agassi’s, Open, was a shock to the system. Agassi wasn’t my favorite player growing up. I’ll say for the record that I was a Pete Sampras guy. In fact, I’ll never forget the match at the US Open when for nearly three hours, Agassi and Sampras traded […]

Life is a Permanent Beta Test

Jon Foreman, the lead singer of my favorite band Switchfoot once said, “[…] unlimited undos. I wish I had that in life.” The great thing is: We do! In life, we get as many chances as we need to find answers and ask questions. We have our whole lives to figures things out and reach […]

The Improbable 2009

2009 is almost in the books! What an amazing year it has been and how amazing the future looks! I can hardly imagine what is possible, but I know anything is! A lot more happened this year than I thought possible… so here is just a glimpse. 1. I Can Run! I began 2009 with […]

Team of Rivals

Since this book came out in 2005, I immediately put it on my book list. Not only is author Doris Kearns Goodwin a world-renowned historian, but  I knew this work would give me a new look into someone I believe to be the best and most important president the United States have ever had. It […]

SPARKS of Taking Risks Podcast

From running for mayor at the age of 18, to speaking, to writing a book, and even painting, Richard Dedor continues to learn and grow through taking risks. Join us as Richard shares lessons, successes, and strategies to stretch your risk-taking and find focus to create the life you desire. Learn more about Richard and […]