Years ago two friends (Evan and Eric) and I wrote a situation comedy together. It was just something fun for us college friends to do over the summer. I spent a lot of time that summer shopping for an agent for us as well as doing the lion’s share of the writing, as I was the “writer” of the group and the other two were the “comedians” coming up with the material. About a year later, I found a contest being run by some television network to write a sitcom that would go into a contest. I decided to write and enter something. That was years ago. I thought for sure I had lost it.

Everybody Loves Raymond

But in cleaning out some files a few weeks ago, I found the only hard copy that remained! I was thrilled to find it and flip through the pages. It is titled, “In This House.”

The summary reads in part: “Sheryl and David West have three children and their oldest, Katie has just had her first baby, Sarah, with her husband Carter Walker. They live int he garage apartment. Her brothers are Eric and Jay and they are very different people. Life offers challenges and there is nothing this family won’t face – and face with a little humor, a little emotion, and best of all, a little heart. Each person has friends and talents, but in the end it’s the family that makes life interesting and complicated.”

The writing itself wasn’t bad and was, surprisingly to me, even a bit funny. But finding this project is significant for a different reason. It shows that we can really do anything. Of course, I didn’t win the contest, but I, Richard Dedor, took the initiative, took the challenge, and wrote a pilot for a sitcom! Have you done that?

More importantly, what have you been telling yourself “no” to? It’s time to get going, on whatever it is. Anything is Possible!