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Overcoming “Not Possible”

This column tri-weekly column, “From Richard’s Oft Cluttered Desk” appears every third Wednesday. I remember the day the fall of my senior year in college like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the athletic department’s marketing

FOCUS: It Is Possible! (v3n40)

Selected Life Lesson I was afraid to swim when I was a kid. I took every lesson possible and I became a great swimmer. Everyone deserves a fighting chance. Learn to strive for the best. -Cindy H’s

FOCUS: Dreams! (v3n21)

Selected Life Lesson Thoughts become things. -Alec Z’s life lesson from Lansing, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… There are countless stories that are used to defend the psychology behind mind-repetition producing different results. The idea of thinking something over

Nadal: The Greatest Ever

*Beginning in 2010, I started writing a bi-weekly column, “From Richard’s Oft Cluttered Desk” which appears every other Wednesday. “He may be the best of all time.” Those thoughts and statements are starting to creep up in

FOCUS: One Stream! (v3n19)

Selected Life Lesson Something that you do that may seem small, will one day make a huge difference for someone else. -Alli R’s life lesson from Osage City, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… What a huge difference a little

My Sitcom Pilot

Years ago two friends (Evan and Eric) and I wrote a situation comedy together. It was just something fun for us college friends to do over the summer. I spent a lot of time that summer shopping

What I Learned From My First Tennis Match in 4 Years

Last Friday night (August 13), I made my long awaited return to a competitive tennis court. In what was a 1,400+ day hiatus from the game, I returned. It was on August 18, 2006, that I played