Orbiting the Giant Hairball

I love when randomly recommended books turn out to be amazing! Then I find out that the book has been one of the favorites amongst leadership folks for 15 years! I will say this before I give my review for the book … you need to read Orbiting the Giant Hairball. There, now if you […]

Toy Story Builds From Screw Ups

I remember going to see the first Toy Story when I was a kid. I saw it in theatre’s with my dad and my brother. It was Pixar’s first animated film I quickly fell in love with Woody, Buzz and the whole gang. Everyone did. Think about it. Growing up, our toys are our best […]

Life Size Jenga

Last week Wimbledon kicked off (my second favorite tennis tournament) to much news. On the first day Roger Federer was down by two set to love and then from days two to four, American John Isner and Frechman Nicolas Mahut were locked in the longest tennis match in history. But somewhere on the hollowed grounds […]

Who is Going to Stop You?

I have written extensively, both on this blog about my journey as a speaker and also my journey as a writer and a politician. I do it for two reasons. First, I try to live my life as a journey and not just a destination. Secondly, I am a big believer in sharing my stories […]

Paul Revere book

The Revolutionary Paul Revere – Book Review

Last year I finally accepted the massive undertaking of reading Team of Rivals. If you’re any level of a historian, you know that book is about President Lincoln and the team he assembled around him during his years in Illinois and then Washington. One other fact of note, I am a history buff. I love […]

FOCUS: Your Decision!

Selected Life Lesson It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks… it’s always your decision in the end. -Erin S’ Life Lesson from Dover, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Your life is your life. No questions asked. You are the one who has to live it. You are the one when you have a dream, you have to chase […]

Open by Agassi

As a tennis fan, the release of Andre Agassi’s, Open, was a shock to the system. Agassi wasn’t my favorite player growing up. I’ll say for the record that I was a Pete Sampras guy. In fact, I’ll never forget the match at the US Open when for nearly three hours, Agassi and Sampras traded […]