News: Presidential candidates confront opioid epidemic in N.H.

Boston Globe: Presidential candidates confront opioid epidemic in N.H. Excerpt One by one, as the candidates march through New Hampshire, they are forced to confront the state’s drug crisis through sorrowful, first-hand testimonies of addiction. A recent poll showed the drug crisis ranked second as the biggest issue facing the state — ahead of health […]

Flag at US Grant Mausoleum In Manhattan

Questions for 2016 Presidential Candidates

I recently posted this on my Twitter: What questions should we be asking of our candidates this election cycle? http://t.co/mBQjKA6Xdd #firstbudget #Election2016 — Richard Dedor (@RichardDedor) April 28, 2015 And I received a handful of responses, including: How can you make the country believe in your leadership and initiatives? What are you going to go […]

Dale Christensen

Meet: Dale Christensen

Last month I had the opportunity to meet 2016 presidential candidate Dale Christensen in Dallas County, Iowa. Dale is a man full of convictions and I admire his entrance into the race. A few things about Dale are worth mentioning. First, he was educated both here and overseas (London). He has worked internationally and is […]

Joe Scarborough

How Joe Scarborough Can Become President

This story originally appeared on Medium. In order to win a national election in this country, you have to have a few things going in your favor. First, you must have an electable persona. It sounds cliche but it is true in today’s media-driven world. Look at candidates like Mitt Romney and Al Gore; super-smart […]