The ROI of Amazing

Richard Dedor speakingLet me ask you this … would you go and buy a television ad without first thinking about the audience you’re trying to reach? No. No chance in hell, right? The same rules apply to social media.

And that is where the social part comes in. It is about listening and engaging with an audience. Think about it … social media is the first time in history that there is an unfiltered two-way communication between customers/fans and a business.

But what is the ROI? My old boss used to say when asked what the ROI of social media was, “What’s the ROI of your mother?!” And he would be dead serious. And so am I. This is business and not everything has a bottom line. But look at it this way. If a customer came into your business and started talking to you, would you turn you back on them? Or would you just talk and talk and talk and not listen to what they had to say? This workshop is all about learning to throw away the metrics and look at the emotion of your community.

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