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Do you have an event, conference, meeting coming up? Do your students need someone to come in an inspire action? Does your team need to get organized to take on their challenges? You need someone that can challenge, motivate, inspire, make your group laugh (and maybe cry).

That is where I come in. I believe in possible. That’s why I wrote a book called, Anything is Possible. Because it is. With my experience in politics, business, and life, I now lead interactive workshops and speak at conferences and events around the country taking our present situations and working to make them better.

Below are some example topics and workshops I can provide for your next event, conference, or shindig. If none of them hit the mark, still contact me as I’m sure we can make something amazing happen.

The Epidemic of Fear

In this interactive, funny, and challenging session, audiences will see how fear impacts every facet of life, sometimes positively, but typically, in a negative way. For instance, did you know you spend two hours per day in fear?

See The TEDx Video!

Anything is Possible

In this keynote, your audience will be inspired by stories — some humorous and some sad — that mark the line between those who believe in possible and those that don’t. You’ll leave energized and inspired to take action!

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Focus: Making the Most Out of You

Taking control of your life sound like too much work? Well focus is all you need to find success in our Starbucks-on-every-corner lives. With humorous anecdotes and solid research, enjoy a fun-filled, interactive presentation that will have you laughing, dreaming bigger and creating new goals to make the most out of you!

Watch a clip from focus

The ROI of Amazing

This workshop, focusing primarily on marketing and communications professionals, but also, tailored for anyone who works with people, will teach you the value in real terms of amazing customer service and equally amazing experiences.

What is your ROI?

Lead to Empower

Leadership is a skill and it must be constantly built upon and expanded. This workshop, built for students or adults, builds on years of research and real-world applications. It will show how you can lead today to build your team for tomorrow.

Taking the Time to Live (stress management)

The world does not have to control your life. You control your life. It is in the decisions that we make each and every day and this workshop will focus on re-building your life-work balance.

Let’s de-stress!

The Championship Team

Win championships! Win awards! As a team, there isn’t anything you can your group can’t accomplish… that is if you’re all together, working together and for the common goal. This presentation will ask key questions that can lead to a better understanding and ultimately: better outcomes!

Network Your Life

Everyone says, “Networking is key!” Well, they are right. But what is the best way? In this presentation, we’ll discuss your current process and see if there are ways you can get more from your network. More importantly, we’ll work to help you can give more to your network.

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