Focus on This Moment

Life Lesson Of The Week Don’t be afraid of the future. This very moment was once the future, and you’re doing just fine. -Tony M’s Life Lesson from Mason City, Iowa Focus On It In Proust Was

The Kindness Commodity

This post first appeared on Medium. The value of kindness on the open market Growing up on the rolling hills of Iowa, I was constantly surrounded by kindness. It is a commodity that is in short supply

Focus on Your Passion

Life Lesson Of The Week When applying to colleges, make sure you are passionate about the school and not just applying to see if you might get in. -Michelle’s Life Lesson from Kansas City, Mo. Focus On

Focus on Providing Support

Life Lesson Of The Week Don’t judge a man at his highest point, but judge him at his lowest when times are the toughest! -Grant F’s Life Lesson Des Moines, Iowa Focus On It I’ve had some

Newsletter: Home Again

This is part of my monthly newsletter (which is free, by the way)! Sign up below to get this each and every month! It’s trite in American politics — the idea of a “New Beginning” — and

Focus on Who You Are

Life Lesson Of The Week Stand your ground, be true to yourself, be yourself! -Anita D’s Life Lesson from Watkins, Iowa Focus On It In picking Anita’s lesson for this focus, I did not want this to

Focus on the positives

Life Lesson Of The Week Don’t hang on to the bad things that happen in life. Remember the good things that came out of bad experiences. -Jackie K’s Life Lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Focus On It