Steve Grand Says No To Fear

I like to consider myself an All American Boy. It’s tough to say that as a (nearly) 30-year-old, but it is still a great picture in my mind.

Steve Grand, a brand new face on the country music scene is an All American Boy. He is also gay. Not many people have made the transition from country music star to a gay country music star. But Steve seems to have understood he could not live as himself without actually being himself.

So, his major YouTube hit, All American Boy is all about being a gay All American Boy. It is his coming out.

Talk about abandoning fear. Sure, it is a risk. But life is not without risk. He just chose to take it on.

Screw fear. Bring on life.

Focus – on Fear

Life Lesson Of The Week
Don’t let fear control your life. Honesty = happiness.
-Sydney P’s Life Lesson from Olathe, Kansas

Focus On It
Fear is a very powerful emotion. We all have it. We all battle it. But what happens next is what matters. What matters is how we handle fear.

Whether it is my friend Stephen going back to school or another friend who recently quit a job he loved just because he wasn’t completely happy, it is all a choice. Worry is there, but the true measurement is passion and dedication to living.

Over the past year, I lost my own passion. New York City has a way of beating people up. But here I am. I have a new book coming out, a book tour, and I’ve been taking photos again! All because I decided I was done letting fear of failure (and success) hold me back.

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I Wanted to Be a Teacher

TeacherAndStudent1What did you want to be when you grew up?

I can remember wanting to be many things, but the few that stand out are teacher, doctor, gymnastics coach, and architect. My sister even made me and my little brother play “school” with her so she could practice being a teacher. (She, of course, is now a teacher in Des Moines, Iowa.)

I didn’t go to school to become a teacher, but I did become a teacher of sorts after school. Thinking about it, maybe becoming a speaker was my way of becoming a teacher. I love what I do and I’m not afraid to try new things.

It is probably a good thing I didn’t go to school to become a teacher because I love the type of teaching I am doing today.

Orwell’s Greatest Fear

Much as been made of late of George Orwell’s famous book, 1984. While I haven’t read it, Goodreads says, “1984 presents a startling and haunting vision of the world, so powerful that it is completely convincing from start to finish.” A recent Business Insider article reviewed a wider range of Orwell’s work and found that his fear was not only government spying. This is all of course being brought up with all the NSA and PRISM spying news that is in the news these days.

Orwell was fearful of a lot of other things too: imperialism, capitalism, commercialism, and war.

I know I will read 1984 one day, but in this day and age where the news plays the “gotchya” game, and politicians lie just to get a gig, I remind you:

The only thing to fear in this life is you.

You drive your life. Which path you choose is up to you.

Newsletter – Fear Nothing

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I have started the promotion for my latest book, Running From Yourself, and my friend Derek tweeted with a great hashtag: #FearNothing. And it’d true. That’s why I wrote the book.

We (myself included) can’t live in fear. We have to be dedicated to our owns lives and recognize what we are afraid of. Only when we do this can we truly find not only happiness, but success.

fearSuccess in our professional lives and our personal lives.

Here is a quick story to illustrate my point:

Love hurts. But you know what hurts more? Losing yourself.

Sometime this decade, I lost myself. Sure, I still followed my passions, but I was changed. I still haven’t figured out all the reasons; perhaps one day I will. But I was in love. And love makes you do crazy things, including changing who you really are. I became angry. I lived in hiding. I said things I didn’t mean. I filtered my own voice. I fell to fear. I was afraid of losing someone I loved.

Instead of losing that person, I lost myself. I hope my mother doesn’t mind e sharing this, but she thanked my boyfriend Steve this past Christmas for giving her her son back. She was referring to the real Richard being back. And in that moment, I was proud, touched, and angry. I was angry at myself for letting the fear of a lot of things cloud my own life.

I encourage you to check out the IndieGoGo campaign I have to take Running From Yourself on a national book tour. The rewards are great (and you get the book at a great discount!) so please help me go after this crazy goal. I’m not afraid to ask.

In fact, I am no longer afraid.

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Focus – on Your Pursuits

Life Lesson Of The Week
Give yourself permission to have fun & enjoy something to the fullest.
-Georgia D’s Life Lesson from Park Ridge, Ill.

Focus On It
When do you tell yourself that enough is enough? And when do you say that you have had enough of telling yourself no, or not now, or maybe another day. All that is, is fear.

You need to do things for you, as often as possible. We spend so much time thinking about work and our to do lists, we rarely spend the right amount of time working on something we are truly passionate.

This week’s lesson is quite simple: You now have permission to have fun and take on the challenges you have been putting off. Hop to it!