FOCUS: Assume Not!

Selected Life Lesson Never assume something until you have the facts. -Myra R’s Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… I admit … it happens to me. I assume something and then it comes to bite

Five Lessons From My Five Biggest Sports Moments

As with most sports fans here in America, I recently became enthralled with the run of the U.S. Women’s soccer team in the FIFA World Cup. I distinctly remember 1999 when the women last won the cup,

FOCUS: Keep Learning!

Selected Life Lesson Never Stop! -Tetiana’s Life Lesson from Kyiv, Ukraine Richard’s Thoughts… For many of you, it is Back to School time! I remember all the wonderful first-days; everything from the smell of the fresh-fall air

7 Ways Google Voice Can Make Your Life Easier

I like a simple life. I especially don’t want any more logins and passwords and URLs to check on a daily basis. That is why I fought using Google Voice for nearly a year. But a few

July At-a-Glance

I’m going to try to do this little review post at the end of each month and it will be in three parts. (Previous Months: January – February – March – April – May – June) Top

FOCUS: Your Happiness!

Selected Life Lesson You are the only one who can make you happy. -Lisa B’s Life Lesson from Lee’s Summit, Missouri Richard’s Thoughts… Happiness is personal. It is yours. Only you can decide what makes you smile

To Lead or Not to Lead

This column tri-weekly column, “From Richard’s Oft Cluttered Desk” appears every third Wednesday. The news world has been crazy-busy of late. From the end of the NFL Lockout to the US Government debt story, Casey Anthony and