5 Lessons from “The Summer of Richard”

Sure, I involuntarily departed from my previous full-time job and sure it was depressing. But after 110 days on my own, I joined a new team here in New York City and I could not be more

4 Lessons from Andy Murray

FOCUS: Never Assume!

Selected Life Lesson Never assume. -Sally F’s Life Lesson from Mt. Vernon, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… We all know this lesson to be true, and yet, we all can (and do) fall victim to it. Think back on

Beauty in Bryant Park

There are a few places that make me feel at home in New York City, and Bryant Park is usually one of them. Sure, it can be crowded and it’s not really a “park” in the world

I Am a Proud Conservative

I don’t talk about politics a lot here on my blog. Mostly out of choice that when I talk politics, I want it to be issue based, not emotional and if I’m sitting down to write about

FOCUS: Dream Big and Small!

Selected Life Lesson Bigger isn’t always better. -Cherie W’s Life Lesson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Sure the big house with three fireplaces and a pool and a butler sounds amazing! But you know what else

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