Feeling at Home

I am not much of an interior decorator. In fact, I don’t think once in my life did I ever want to grow up and do that for a career. That is likely the reason I never

Focus – on Going Forward

Selected Life Lesson Learning to ride a bike, I fell several time, scraped up my rear, and got back on until I figured out how to ride. -Cathy H’s Life Lesson from Kansas City, Missouri Richard’s Thoughts…

Focus: On Love

Selected Life Lesson Never go to bed angry. Always end with love you or good night. -Kendra C’s Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… After the past ten days, there aren’t many lessons that are

A Week of Heroism

It didn’t strike me until late Friday afternoon how emotionally drained I was from last week. No matter how many times our country and our world goes through a terrible act — terrorism or natural disaster —

Another Moment in Time

Last week we, sadly, have another moment to remember when we lost our innocence. As a marathoner, my heart breaks for multiple reasons for what happened in Boston. I went back and found something I wrote in

FOCUS – Be Present

Selected Life Lesson Always be available; if only to listen. -Lola S’ Life Lesson from Des Moines, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… I hate being at dinner or coffee with a friend and they can’t seem to put there

Newsletter: Creating Create Impressions

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