Budgets are not meant to be broken but our government's is broken and out of balance. We need massive reform in our tax code and work collaboratively towards a long-term debt solution. It will take significant leadership to make that a reality and every American must join the campaign to reach a fair and balanced budget.

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Education is the power to the future, both for young students and for the future of our country. Our policies must encourage student achievement and accountability and high teacher standards. Therefore, I support the concepts behind Common Core and high education standards.

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Achieving energy independence is not only smart policy for the environment, but it is also smart policy for America's national security. We can become energy independent through innovation, tax reforms, and community commitment. But that also means we have to work with the resources we have within our borders; which means supporting the growth of wind energy and the development of 21st Century pipelines.

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Heathcare is one of our nation's biggest drivers of GDP and also one of the largest family expenses year to year. We need to modernize our healthcare delivery and laws, including medical marijuana, eliminating the gay blood ban, and fully funding mental health treatment.

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National Security

Our military has long been a beacon of hope for the world; just as it is today. Whenever we send our troops into harms way, the objectives must be clear and the resources in place to move towards success. We hold the right to take action in the world to protect our own citizens, along with our allies'.

Social Security

Since the creation of Social Security 80 years ago, millions of Americans have received valuable retirement income via the shared work of all citizens. The financial solvency of Social Security is vital to our national security. Without reform, Social Security will be forced into impossible cuts by 2033; and reform is needed.

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