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I’d love a free consultation!

  • It begins with the first (free!) consultation where we go through the course of a session just like we would if you decide to go through the full-version of life coaching.
  • If at the end of that consultation, you want to continue and go through the whole LIVE. LAUGH. PLAY. DREAM. Program, we will set up four sessions over the course of two months.
  • At the conclusion of those four weeks, we can either continue on an as-needed basis, or we can go our separate ways.
  • Our sessions are set up a week in advance and will take place in one of three ways: (1) Phone, (2) Skype, or (3) In Person.

The first four weeks are the groundwork, but by the end of those four weeks, we will have covered a lot of ground. Our early sessions dive into values, obstacles, stressors, time management and building the best possible team around you. At the end, you may want to go on your own with the plan we developed. Some of you will still want to take action on the plan, but keep me around to help keep the ship pointed in the right direction. This “program” is designed to be as flexible as you need it to be, but still have an accountability factor.

We might talk a bit about your past, but I’m not a therapist. I’m a liver of life and that is my sole focus. I’m not going to tell you what to do (unless you need a good smack on the head). Coaching to me is about finding ways to look forward, while understanding the past, and working together to find the answers – your solutions – and from there, designing a plan for your life. You know yourself best. My role will focus on assisting you to become aware of your thoughts, what you want and how we, together, can get you there. I can’t “fix” you. But together we can start to design the life you want through engaging, life-affirming conversations and asking each other powerful questions that can help you gain clarity in work, life and love (or wherever you desire clarity). My basic belief is that a coach gives you a neutral (and of course, confidential) sounding board and an advocate for you.

Each coach in the business world operates in a different way. Some go get certified (which I do plan on sometime in the near future) which gets them into a certain philosophy of coaching. But then there are others like me who don’t buy into one “system” mainly because I haven’t gotten to this point by following just one idea or philosophy. The goals of life coaching are really no different than a speech coach, vocal coach or what Bill Belichick tries to do with the New England Patriots: They want to get the most from their speakers, musicians and athletes. The same goes for life coaching where together we try to develop some semblance of a life plan and gets you on your way to making it happen. Each person has a different definition of what “it” is, but no matter what, in the end you will end up with some key takeaways and goals of things to work on to focus your life towards your goals and values.

But I have best friends and my spouse and my kids always tell me what they think. So why the hell would I pay for something like this? Simple. I am unbiased. If I think you’re sabotaging yourself, I’m going to say it. You may fire me, but that is your choice. I will have your best interest at heart. My success only happens when you succeed at the goals you with to achieve.

With me, you will get an unfiltered, but supportive, caring and compassionate friend and life tour guide. But even that sounds wrong. We’re in this thing together and together, we will get to work, build a plan, and help you get it done!

  • People who want to get clarity on what you how you want to live (instead of only knowing what you don’t want)
  • People who need help getting a clear vision of what they actually want
  • People who need assistance in developing their plan
  • People who don’t really know where to begin and need a clear, easy to follow guide
  • People who want to be completely involved in their own lives
  • People who want to ditch their old way of looking at the own life
  • People who want to make it happen

  • If you are not ready to challenge yourself
  • If you are afraid of looking at yourself in the mirror
  • If you don’t want to be uncomfortable
  • If you don’t want to chase your dreams

A lot of coaching programs say they will do one session a week, respond to two emails and only take one additional phone call a month. That is not me. When we start, we do the four-week program at the current rate. After that, we will continue, as you desire on a contracted per-session rate.

My belief is simple: If I want you to succeed, I have to be available (within reason). That means we will have our four sessions within eight weeks. They will be 50 minutes long either on the phone, in person on via Skype. After that, I will be happy to support you minimally, unless you wish to continue our coaching relationship, in which case, we will work together on the per-session rate as long as you desire. When we are “officially” working together, I will have as many sessions as you want and do my best to respond to emails in a timely fashion. One thing I won’t do however is coach you through emails, or remain a “coach” for free. I want you to succeed but I like food and my roof … yeah … you know what I mean.

Finally, this is more than tips and tricks and gimmicks. I am coming from experience and I absolutely believe, given the right attitudes, together we can go great places!

When I first started chasing my own dreams after years of dreaming and talking about them, something changed. My life changed. No, I don’t ride around in limos with bodyguards, but I do walk with a pride knowing that I can do some crazy awesome things. As I began to develop this program (I hate using that word), I first had it mapped out to be a 12-week program. But that didn’t sit right with me. It seemed to forced and life and its dreams can not be forced. They have to want to happen; you have to want them to happen. So, we will work together to build a plan for you and you will understand what needs to be done for you to get what you want. Your part of the deal includes doing the pre-session and post-session work, as well as giving yourself a serious look-over. I’m in your corner, but only if you are too!

I can’t promise a lot, but I will promise that you will:

  • Laugh
  • Begin to understand how every decision you make impacts every moment of your life
  • Learn how easy success is and can be
  • Leave with an understanding of yourself and what you want … or at least the beginnings of a picture of what you want.

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed. I wish I could tell you that if you do this program that it will be inevitable that you will succeed. But I’m not naive enough and I certainly don’t have an ego that would allow me to make that claim. Success rests with you, but if you decide you want it, getting out of your own way and joining your team is half the battle. It really is.

Thinking maybe? Not yet? Here is the problem with “not yet.” It never happens! You’re talking to the guy who had a dream but wasn’t doing anything about it. I had a vision that one day the phone would just suddenly start ringing. Guess what? It never did! Not until I got off my ass and made it happen! It has to be now. This is the only time you can make this choice. This is your moment to LIVE. LAUGH. PLAY. DREAM. I want to guide you through that process. I want to help you on each step.

Living a great life and a life full of passion does not have to mean influencing millions of people, being super-famous or having so much money you can not possibly spend it all. Living a great life is about living in a way where your values align with your actions which frees you to spend your finite time and resources where they can have the biggest impact. A great life is when you know that you have done all you can and that you are truly living the life you want – not the one that has become.

Things won’t change until you change them. It’s time!

That is the number one question for any coaching program and it is no different here. The initial consultation is free and the four-week coaching program is $200 total, which includes the booklet and four sessions of 50 minutes each.

After that, each session (scheduled on an as needed/requested basis) is $50.

I’d love a free consultation!

Have other questions? Contact me today!