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Marathon Log: Still Injured

I am still working my way back from my foot injury that I got during my 16-mile run ten days ago.

Nadal is a True Gentleman

Competition is fun. It is fierce. It can be brutal. But it can also be gentlemanly. I have made no secret that I am a huge tennis fan. In fact, I even tried out to be a

16 Miles Brings an Injury :(

Bubba Watson’s Masters Lesson

Focus on the Keys to Success

If I had all the answers, I probably wouldn’t be living in an apartment in New York City. I’d be governor or senator or the creator of Google or something. But I don’t. Not many of us

The Glory of March Madness

It is almost here. The Madness will soon be upon us. For those non-baketball fans out there who have no idea what I am talking about, March Madness is all about the unpredictability of 68 of the

Running Log No. 3