Winning Is Not An End

Sure, winning the Super Bowl for Joe Flacco was and will forever be an amazing experience. But what about all the experiences he has had along the way? The Pop Warner games, the high school Friday nights, and the losses all along the way. For a guy like Joe Flacco, it has to have been […]

Change is Inevitable

Change is one of those things that will forever and always be a constant in life. It will always be there. Sometimes in the form of a blessing. Sometimes in a curse. But that change is inevitable means we can either embrace it, take it, or change the change. Parents are special in that they […]

Focus – Your Chance

Selected Life Lesson If you never try — you never know. -Grant M’s Life Lesson from Basehor, Kansas Richard’s Thoughts… Two years ago yesterday, I did what I thought was impossible: run a half-marathon. (Of course I have since done the full distance, but it was doing this race that proved to myself that I […]

Newsletter: You See What You Want

This is part of my monthly newsletter (which is free, by the way)! Sign up here to get it delivered to your mailbox each month Fact: We get what your brains are focused on. Nothing more and sometimes much less. That statement is especially true when it comes to news and politics. If you’re more […]

Robbie Basketball

Getting What You Seek

Fact: We get what your brains are focused on. Nothing more and sometimes much less. 37Signals recently summarized the infamous Invisible Gorilla study where researchers found that 83 percent of radiologists, in reviewing x-rays of lungs, missed a superimposed image of a gorilla. Why? Because they weren’t looking for it. When I lead team building […]

FOCUS: The Journey

Selected Life Lesson Take time to develop an interest or skill in something that you enjoy. -Lori E’s Life Lesson from Decorah, Iowa Richard’s Thoughts… Spring is just around the corner. I can feel it! And with the re-birth of spring comes the opportunity to not only have a spring-cleaning party, or to finally get […]

Experience the World Around You

I spend a lot of my time in and on social media. It still amazes me that a platform like Facebook that I joined because it was fun while in college (I still remember where I was when I first signed up) now provides me with so many opportunities. However, social media has produced two […]