Finding Inspiration

So what if my book is done? (by the way, I’m not actually asking that… I’m using it to push me at the moment and you’ll find out why if you keep reading.) It is a tremendous accomplishment for me. I almost quit the project at numerous times, but I kept at it and have […]

Anything is Possible – The Vision

It began as a simple motto between friends. My best friend Asitha (who is referenced in the book) shared with me a quote he’d heard (see Impossible is Nothing – Adidas Campaign) and we’d repeat it to each other and ourselves when we needed a boost. That stuck with me. In fact, I printed the […]

Take Your Shot

*This post is the third in the Life-Debt Series. An inside look at living your life to its fullest. It is said that ‘decisions are made by those who show up.’ Whoever said that must have showed up. What about you and your life? Are you showing up? Are you getting wet and going after […]

Manage Your Stress

Life has been rather crazy for me lately. From the whole book writing, editing and publishing (by the way… we’re 23 days away from the launch!), to family stuff, to personal life stuff to watching all kinds of sports, I’ve been busy. I’ve even joined to staff of a really cool web site (which I’ll […]

Life is a Permanent Beta Test

Jon Foreman, the lead singer of my favorite band Switchfoot once said, “[…] unlimited undos. I wish I had that in life.” The great thing is: We do! In life, we get as many chances as we need to find answers and ask questions. We have our whole lives to figures things out and reach […]

Live Today

*This post is the second in the Life-Debt Series. An inside look at living your life to its fullest. On virtually every blog that I read, over the last three weeks everyone has been writing and reflecting about 2009 and what their vision and goals are for 2010. I was no different. I reflected on […]

2010 – Amazing Awaits

“Amazing Awaits” is the theme for my 2010. There is so much to not only celebrate from 2009, but to look forward to in 2010! Here are just a few of the things that I’m either looking forward to or working towards. Business Sell my book (get a free chapter!) Get published on six different […]