Use Evernote to Simplify Your Life

Perhaps you buy into Tim Ferris’ Four-Hour Work Week. Perhaps you believe in the 60-hour work week. Or perhaps you’re someone who falls in between. No matter where you fall, there is something to be said about working smarter rather than harder. I have slowly been evolving from someone who keeps everything to someone who […]

Review: The Thank You Economy

Current event business books always interest me, but I am rarely fast enough with my reading to give me a chance to read them as they come out. (Better late than never though, right?) That said, The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk, puts the business world on notice: Get moving or get dying. I […]

How I Cut Cable

I think most guys in our demo watched a lot of television growing up. I still grew up mostly without the internet and I certainly grew up in an age without Wi-Fi in every house. My viewing began with Tom & Jerry, moved to Garfield and transformed into The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Or was […]

Sam Davidson

Review: 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need

My friend, Sam Davidson, is at it again with (no longer) his latest work in 50 Things Your Life Doesn’t Need. The title is not some case to solve – it is just a simple statement of what the book is all about. With 50 things, I definitely found a few that I want to […]


My Minimalist Lifestyle

A lot has been written and made of this “minimalist” lifestyle over the last two years. I have met people in person and online who say they are “minimalists.” It is, in a nutshell when you can fit everything own in a few boxes and suitcases. But it is in my opinion a little excessive. […]