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Just In Case: It Rains on Your Parade

I love listening to talk radio, especially ESPN radio. Can’t you imagine yourself just sitting behind a microphone with flashing buttons of callers and getting to pick and choose who to talk to? And who to hang

Lessons I’ve Learned While Running

At the start of 2009, I made it a personal goal to run 275 miles over the course of the 365 days. Thus far, I’ve ran 99.8 miles (8.8 ahead of my schedule plan and 36% of


Today we honor and remember those who have fought for and those who have given their lives for the dreams of men and women: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” (photo via tonythemisfit from flikr)

The Inconvenience of Change

Habits are hard to change and even easier to make. Simply put, change is hard. But where would we be without it? Where would the United States be had we not had the Industrial Revolution? Where would

…put it on the back burner

Creative Director: Okay, well… just… put it on the back burner for now. And maybe it will go away. Art Director: I like where your head is at. (source: Overheard at the Office) Is that you this

What is rain for?

And no, the answer is not to ruin your Saturday golf game (although that has happened to me enough times)! The rain, no matter if it is a nice, soft, peaceful replenishment of the earth, or a

Of Chance and Opportunity

I’ll say it at the top: I highly recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s newest book, Outliers. Now let me tell you why. 1) What is a true outlier? The whole book is built on the premise that successful people